This school offers Suzuki violin lessons in Minneapolis  MN and Saint Paul MN. Suzuki Violin teacher, Jonathan Reaoch.

About the TCSA

The Twin Cities String Academy


Suzuki violin teacher teaching Suzuki Method violin lessons - lessons offered near Edina.


Mr. Reaoch is such a seasoned teacher and seems to know just the right way to challenge and extract a student's best.

 - Megan Dixon, M.D., violinist and parent of TCSA student

Our curriculum is based on the Suzuki Method, traditional methods, and Alexander Technique.


 - Suzuki observed that children learn to speak their native language with amazing success – perfectly reproducing the authentic accent. He demonstrated that, by applying the “mother-tongue method” (immersion, listening, imitation, and close parental guidance) to violin playing, the same level of success is possible.


- Traditional music education develops music literacy and technique through scales, etudes, sight-singing, rhythm games, and a broad range of musical styles.


- The Alexander Technique develops healthy physical coordination, enabling students to play the violin with ease and preventing students from incurring misuse injuries, so common among musicians.


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