This school offers Suzuki violin lessons in Minneapolis  MN and Saint Paul MN. Suzuki Violin teacher, Jonathan Reaoch.

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The Director and the TCSA Vision

Jonathan Reaoch began studying violin at the age of five. He has performed in a variety of styles, including classical, jazz, and free improvisation. In 2004, he earned a degree in music from Wheaton College where he studied violin with Dr. Lee Joiner – a student of the legendary Dorothy Delay. While at Wheaton, Reaoch’s fascination with the art of violin playing compelled him to do extensive research on the methodology of great historical teachers such as Otakar Sevcik, Carl Flesch, Ivan Galamian, and Dorothy Delay. Their ingenious contributions to the field of violin education continue to influence his teaching today.


I was amazed to hear such a high level of musicianship demonstrated by young children; and not just one or two “gifted prodigies”, but an entire school! Inspired by what I heard, I set out to discover how such results were possible.



Twin Cities Suzuki violin teacher and student.

In the presence of great music we have no alternative but to live nobly.

                            -John O’Donohue


After teaching for two years in the Western Springs Suzuki School, Jonathan Reaoch moved to Minneapolis with the intention of developing a similar music program in the Twin Cities. The Twin Cities String Academy is now a growing and energetic community of families dedicated to giving their children the gift of talent and fine character through excellent music education.

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